Kinetikeys - Concept0 - Type while walking

Note: Please check out the newer prototype I’m working on: Kinetikeys-Chorder


Our body is designed to be in motion. It’s not meant to be still, but most of us who work on a computer, spend most of our day sitting down, or even standing up, but we don’t move as much as our body needs.

Sitting is considered the new smoking. People are trying to mitigate this problem in many ways: standing desks, standing chairs, fitballs, balance boards, split ergonomic keyboards, and more. The problem remains, however, that ergonomically, our work environment has changed just incrementally in decades, but the the amount of hours sitting has increased significantly.


Kinetikeys is a working connceptual prototype of a split, ergonomic, wearable, bluetooth keyboard. Its goal is to validate the following hypothesis:

It’s possible to type in full-speed[1] while walking naturally[2] at a convenient pace[3] with a minimal[4] learning curve


  1. Full-speed means your personal full speed.
  2. Walking nanturally means walking on a treadmill while maintaining natural arm movement
  3. Convenient Pace is the pace you’d walk around the office (When not in a hurry :) )
  4. Comparable to switching from a regular querty keyboard to any other split ergonomic keyboard

Design Assumptions

Technical Notes

Early Iterations

Next Concept

See the newer concept here: Kinetikeys-Chorder